Sunday 12 January 2014

Subscription Quandary

When I started crafting as a serious hobby I found myself buying a lot of cross stitch magazines, so it made sense to get a couple of subscriptions. I really like cross stitch as it allows you to recreate what you see and there is something therapeutic in following a set pattern. Once you have the tension sorted you can just go with it. I love working with even-weave and often play with it as waste canvas.

Despite my love of cross stitch I found myself looking at embroidery, I like the fact it gives more freedom and creativity. I like being able to vary my stitches and I found a resurgence in embroidery books and patterns. It also allowed me to take advantage of my husband's ability to draw as I get him to do the templates.

When I got my machine I started sewing more and more. This has resulted in less time for cross stitch and I now have a back log of patterns and magazines. I also have so many magazines that space is becoming an issue and finding the patterns I want is a nightmare. I have also been using more patterns on-line and have been subscribed for so long that I am not getting the best value any more.

I wanted a magazine to cover a few crafts and give inspiration so I subscribed to Craftseller. I found some nice patterns but I have been disappointed when actually trying them out. It sometimes feels like the person designing/making the project and the person writing the pattern are not the same. I love the free paper collections that come with the magazine but that is not enough to continue subscribing. I looked at Mollie Makes and although beautifully designed there was nothing I actually wanted to make. I then came across Homespun which is an Australian publication. It features my favourite designer Melanie McNeice and looks amazing. I am unable to get it in paper in the UK which has lead to a shift in my craft room as I have now stopped my 3 subscriptions and started getting Homespun on-line.

I am going to be brave and take apart my magazines and separate them into theme as I feel this is the only way that I will be able to find what I need. I have no idea how I will resist buying the magazines and I might find a gap where I feel as though I'm missing turning actual pages. I've found recently that I have been less inspired by the patterns and trends in the magazines, but if I get desperate I am sure I can get a special offer that will tempt me. For now I'm getting on with removing staples and getting used to turning virtual pages.

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