Saturday 4 January 2014

My History of Crafting

I have been cross stitching for almost as long as I can remember. My Mum taught me to embroider when I was about 8 and I dabbled on and off with making cards. If I was at home and had spare time I picked at things while my Mum worked on something.

When we moved to Shetland and I was no longer a student I picked the cross stitch back up in a big way, the craft obsession was cemented just over three years ago when I got a second hand sewing machine. My sewing machine was amazing, semi industrial, it weighed a tonne and only had two stitch types but it was enough to get me hooked! After a mountain of juggling balls, 200m of bunting and a large collection of bags (I am not aware if there is a term for "a group of bags") the poor machine could take no more.

In September I got a nice new Brother XN1700 called Xena and it is with her I continue my adventures. I make a lot of things as presents. I normally work backwards from the recipient although I have been known to fall in love with a fabric or a pattern and just save it until the right occasion comes up. I have not become brave enough or skilled enough to make clothes yet. I love making bags though, I think you can be bolder with bag fabric and personalise the style. I must stop trying to match people and bags in my head! I have also started making more soft toys after the birth of my daughter

I dabbled with quilting last year and made my little girl a quilt for Christmas which was an education to say the least! My biggest 'work in progress' is still a quilt I have squares for and a plan. To me quilting is part sudoku and part sewing. I can barely knit despite learning two years ago. So far I have made a headband and a tea cosy and that is it! It just does not come naturally but I intend to improve at some point. I may even get brave enough to pick up a crochet hook! 

This was one of my first machine projects - each turtle had a chocolate egg in the eggcup under it and they were sent Easter 2011. 

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