Monday 27 January 2014


This is a really easy recipe from the Save with Jamie book. It is helped by the fact that it can all be cooked in one pan. What I will say is that needs to be a big pan! It should be a lidded pan but in the end I used a large pan with no lid and topped up the water where needed which was fine. All in all it took about 45 minutes. This feels like a long time if you are used to 15 minute and 30 minute meals. It is slightly deceptive though as the last 15- 20 minutes of this recipe is to get the rice cooked through which means you have chance to clean up or make lunch for the next day while you stir. If I did a 30 minute meal I found myself taking a lot of time afterwards to clean the very messy kitchen.

My husband is not keen on prawns so I used extra chicken. The flavour from the chicken thigh was really good and they stayed really moist. The chorizo gave a good smoky flavour and the peas kept it fresh. The garnish of parsley and lemon was more than decoration as it really added to the flavour of the dish.  This was a really basic cupboard recipe with nothing special needed. Using the frozen peas is great as they stay fresh and are easy to get. It was really tasty and warming especially on a windy day, I can see it being the sort of thing we cook quite often. 

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