Wednesday 8 January 2014

Communal crafting

Last night I went to a local Makkin' and Yakkin' (Making and Talking!) group. It is only the second time I have been but I was made to feel welcome again. Everybody sits around working on their own projects and nattering about crafts, life and well... bad TV. There is a tea break and there were a lot of yummy treats brought in too. The first time I went I had some concrens about what to take and if it would be good enough... Thankfully necessity took over paranoia and I took the card that I was working on and everybody was lovely.

This is my cat card from the first craft night - I was inspired by a drawing pinterest but sadly the link to the site no longer works.

Yesterday I did not even hesitate and just took along the elusive hexagons as that is my current project. While I was there I got another bout of knitting envy, there was the most beautiful Fair Isle being knitted, and socks made using four needles (FOUR!). Cross stitch, rug making, tapestry and embroidery were all being beautifully demonstrated. It was lovely to sit around and chat about weaving on chair legs and see such amazing skill. I came away happy, relaxed  and full of chocolate with another 21 hexagons basted.  

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