Saturday, 4 January 2014

Judging Craft Books by their Covers

I love craft books and magazines, there is something lovely about sitting with a mug of tea and leafing through a shiny new book. I have a small collection of craft books but some of them are more 'quantity' than 'quality' and can be a little repetitive. If I can find a book in the library or a book shop and have a good look through then I get a better idea. I shop on-line a lot, this means I rely on reviews and any pictures I can get. So I am back to judging a book by its cover.

I have been thinking about this a lot as I was looking at Tilda books today. I have a choice of 3. Option one Tilda's Seaside ideas, I love the front cover and I think sewing the sperm whales would be amazing. All of the reviews and pictures I can find are talking about the whales.... Would I just be buying a whale pattern? Option two  The Tilda Characters collection. Four books might be better than one but I am more interested in birds and bunnies than dolls and angels. I worry the dolls are a little stylised but then they could be handy in the future and any new skill is a gem. Option three, Tilda's Studio, possibly the safest option but maybe not as rewarding and too much like the books I already have. I don't have any Tilda books at the moment but I like the style and think it would be good to try. It is nice to have such a good quandary , if anybody has a recommendation I would appreciate the insight. Either way I will update when I decide.

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