Saturday 11 January 2014

In Pursuit of Good Granola

I like granola but I often stand in the cereal aisle thinking that the cheap stuff is a bit saw-dusty and the expensive stuff is overpriced. I often think that it would be better with this or that added and that there is no need to add the sugar they do... I started looking at recipes and found the principles were all similar. I decided to use a co-op recipe as a base. I tried it just over a week ago and it was good but not quite right (we still ate it all) so I made some more modifications and set to it again. I am even happier now. I think it will be one of those recipes that turns out different every time and there is a lot of trail and error. I love cashews, dried cranberries and sunflower seeds so I made sure there was more of all 3 of these. I used mixed seeds, nuts and a berry mix as a base and then added more of the things I like best. This made it more economical and gave good variety. The cooking time varied and there was a lot of time spent checking. I think this will depend on how crunchy you like it and your oven.

Yummy home-made granola

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