Tuesday 11 February 2014

Putting The Cat Amongst The Flowers

Choosing a theme for my little girl's card was almost as difficult as choosing a cake theme. There are so many options. I wanted something simple as I was working on her gift at the same time. I keep a memory box full of things she has been sent and liked the idea of her cards off us documenting the trends she goes through. It was because of this that I decided to go with a 'Timmy Time' character. She loves all of the characters and we spend a lot of time talking about what has happened in the latest episode. I imagine she picks up on our enthusiasm for Aardman as well.

I chose Mittens as she loves cats at the moment and is very excited as a friend of ours is fostering one. I found a nice picture of Mittens in the flower garden and it allowed me to use a lot of colour. I taped the design and the fabric to a window and traced the design on using a soft pencil. I am sure at some point I will invest in washable fabric markers but it is a technique I have used for a while now. I went with a simple backstitch outline with French knots for the middle of the flowers. I liked the basic flower design as it allowed it to look almost as if a child had drawn it. I used some dark grey single thread to pick out some of the facial features (The threads I used were DMC 721,727,739, 742, 777,  906, 963 3799 and 3837). I was pleased with the result. It is always difficult using thread to depict something that is usually made out of clay.

The main thing is that my daughter could tell who it was.

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