Monday 17 February 2014

And I Feel So Boho-emian Like You

I am currently working on a few craft projects but as they are all as gifts I cannot share them until after the events. I did, however, take a quick break tonight and make something for me! I came across an amazing boho bag tutorial and pattern on-line last summer. Since then I have made six of these bags as gifts and my own tonight is the seventh. I think they are great casual bags and would easily fit the essentials in. I have had so much fun matching fabric to people. It is a really versatile bag and I have used everything from soft cord fabric to bright batik fabric and I love the way it sits across the body.

I have not added any step by step photos here as it is all laid out so well in the original blog. I would advise checking seams really carefully before turning it the right way around as there is nothing worse than having to turn it back through to fix a small hole. I did not add pockets to mine as I made some of them reversible. It took me a while to get the pattern the right size but that probably says a lot about my use of a photocopier than the pattern itself. All of the details are there on the pattern to check that it is the correct size.

Aqua Boho Bag

For my bag I used "Simply Colour for Moda Aqua Leaf Stripe" and "FX4 Peace Garden by Fabric Freedom". I decided to use a plain white cotton to line the bag as I didn't want it to feel too dark and I am not intending to reverse it. I had the pattern already cut and thanks to my practice it took 90 minutes.

Close-up of fabric print

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