Monday 10 February 2014


I often make birthday cakes with characters and roll on icing, this year I wanted to do something different for my husbands birthday, I wanted it to double up as a pudding, be a little bit classy but also a lot of fun. I decided to go for a chocolate cake with white chocolate ganache and a coco powder stencil. I had a lot of thoughts about what to stencil, although I will not discuss them now as some may well be used in the future. I decided on a dalek as they lend themselves to an outline and are quite iconic. Not to mention that my husband is a Dr Who fan. I used a chocolate cake recipe I had used before, I found a Mary Berry ganache recipe that looked great and halved it as hers was for a two tier cake. The stencil was a picture I found and put on card - cutting all of the bits out. The circles were hard so I made a series of small slits an pushed them through which was effective. The cake was easy to make but took a lot of whisking so I invested in a hand held electric whisk. The ganache was yummy and easy but you need to leave yourself adequate time between processes to let things cool and set. It is very rich but I found that serving it with fresh raspberries cut through nicely.

Double chocolate Dalek cake.

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