Wednesday 24 September 2014

Hama Time (Lord)

My craft obsession really started with cards, mostly cross stitch cards. Now I tend to spend more time on the gift and less on the cards so cross stitch tends to be for when I am only sending a card, or when it is for somebody who has a sense of the work the finsihed card has taken. I find embroidered cards can be as effective but I am always looking for new ways to personalise a card in a quick and fun way. The easiest way for me to do this is to get my husband to draw a card, the other is to go a little bit retro.

I loved Hama beads as a child and often "help" my friend's little ones with theirs. When I started using pinterest a lot I found that there are a lot of patterns out there for Hama bead designs. Some of them are crazy A3 sized works of art complete with shading, but a lot are small quick projects. I had a few birthday cards to make in a short space of time as the presents had taken a little longer than planned and I decided to do a Tardis and a tree frog. Both designs matched the recipient well and both were bold and fun. They probably worked better in Hama than in cross stitch as it made them larger and stand out more.The Tardis pattern was adapted from a pinterest post and the tree frog pattern is originally from the perler website. I had great fun doing them and I believe they both brought a smile to the face of those receiving them. It can be difficult at times wanting to do it all but I think sometimes it's nice to do something a bit different even if it is a bit whimsical.

Tardis Hama Card

Tree Frog Hama Card

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