Monday 22 September 2014

A Bowl of Unicorns

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of patterns with phrases on them. The most common and abused has been the "Keep Calm..." signs although I don't tend to get the appeal as it seems forced and somewhere between only mildly amusing and very annoying; and certainly not worth the sewing. I have also not been inspired by the "make do and mend" adaptations. Many other saying are too saccharine sweet or cliched. Then, however, I found this fantastic pattern by Alicia Watkins on etsy. Not only did it make me smile I knew straight away who to send it to. I bought the pattern and i was very impressed with the quality and detail. The charts came in black and white and colour for a rainbow option. The instructions were clear and it had been thoughtfully laid out.

It was not the easiest piece to stitch as the unicorns are all over the place. I found it best to do a unicorn at a time even if it was just a series of legs as it kept the tension set for each unicorn. If you had just put all the stitches in a 10 stitch by 10 stitch square in and then moved on I think it would have shown and been disjointed. It was also a good way of keeping the back neat. This was important as I was using even weave so you see more through it than when using Aida.

I was really pleased with the outcome, it was bold, fun and very different.

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