Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Tasty Lamb Need Not Kofta Fortune

This is my third save with Jamie meal. It was the most straight forward of the three and took the least amount of time. It took around 45 minutes, but a lot of the time comes down to cooking the lamb. If you wanted it pink it would take less time. Mine were quite well done.

It is another great flavour combination with a lot of basic ingredients. The pistachio and fennel coating with the sweet chilli sauce was really tasty and gave a great texture next to the soft lamb. Lamb mince is not something we use a lot, we are not big fans of shepherds pie and it can sometimes go dry without a lot of sauce or leave an odd after taste. This did neither. Again the home-made cabbage pickle was crunchy with sweet and sour notes. I couldn't get hold of raddish so I used raw carrots which worked well despite not having the peppery heat.

There were some good tips in the recipe including using two kebab sticks so it stops the koftas spinning. I would recommend that you use tongs to turn them while cooking it as that will stop the sticks splitting the meat. I would also recommend using a food processor for the nuts and fennel seeds as 50g of pistachios is a lot of nuts for a pestle and mortar, unless you have a much bigger pestle and mortar than I do. It was easy and tasty and a great thing to do with lamb mince.

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