Saturday, 4 January 2014

New Year - New Technique

For Christmas I received a wonderful set of fat quarters.

I have a rule with gifted fabric that means at least some of it should be used to make me something. I decided that Xena the sewing machine needs a better cover than the plastic one that she came with. I looked at a lot of designs and Pinterest pages and decided that I wanted one with sides (not just ties) and that I should try something different.

"Different" turned out to be English paper piecing (see link below if you have not come across it before). I have never done any hand patchwork before but the effect is amazing and I decided that it should be quite therapeutic, saying that any project with no deadline after the pre Christmas chaos should be therapeutic. Also it is such a small area that I wouldn't need a lot, or need to buy pre cut hexagons. After a few calculations I realised I needed 146 hexagons to start. After grumbling and a big mug of tea I found my template and got on with it. The fabric marking was fine and I just used brown parcel paper for my inserts. I have not got the greatest love for cutting patterns and fabric but I found I had them cut before I knew it by just chipping away. An episode of South Pacific ( documentary not musical) helped immensely.

So here I am

Ready to baste. Before I started I did some research and found this a rather helpful

English Paper Piecing Tutorial

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