Thursday 3 August 2017

Lottie Week - Day 4 - Bed Time

When researching things I could make for Lottie I came across quite a few doll sleeping bag patterns which got me thinking that having a "Bedtime Lottie" would be a good idea. This, as with the other sets, led to lots of ideas all linked to the theme.

Bedtime set

I started with pyjamas - the first pattern I ever self drafted was for big sister pyjamas for 3 girls when their brother was born. I used the same principle to draft some pyjama bottoms and again tested my pattern using a pillow case. After two attempts I had modified the gusset and had a working pattern. I made them using beautiful green fabric covered in small Scottie dogs. I trimmed the bottom with tiny pom poms.
Scottie dog pyjama bottoms

I made a top using the same principle as the cardigan on Day Two. I decided the fabric would be too thick to insert the arms separately. I created the front template by adding arms to the top part of the simple dress pattern. For the back I traced the front pattern piece - straightened where the neck was curved and cut it in half . I then added 3cm to each half to make sure there was enough fabric to add the Velcro to to close it. The front and back pieces were machine sewn and then the Velcro and hems were done by hand. I embroidered a small Scottie dog onto the front of the pyjama top so it co-ordinated with the bottoms.

Scottie dog pyjama top

Tiny slippers
I found a slipper photo and modified instructions to fit Lottie. This included drawing round Lottie's feet and some trial and error getting the shaping right on the strip of fabric. I blanket stitched the strip to the sole using thread the same colour as the pyjama top and added a pom pom on each to co-ordinate with pyjama bottoms.

Pipsqueaks teddy
I made a pipsqueaks bear to go with the set. This is one of the more basic pipsqueaks design and I adore the simplicity and the beautiful bow. The stitching on the face makes it look so happy and gives each bear an individual expression. It is also where Sally (of Pipsqueaks fame) started with her journey into the world of felt so it seemed overdue for me to have a go at it. I really think I should make a pair of them into earrings for myself.

I decided to make Lottie a quilt. I measured the size that I wanted based on Lottie lying down and sat with a piece of graph paper and a lot of head scratching. I started the quilt with a lovely piece of stripy dachshund fabric. Little Miss E owns a Dachshund and so it was perfect. I love sorting through my stash for the right patchwork pieces especially as it is a lovely excuse to look at fabric that reminds me of all of the things I have made in the past. The three main colours in the dachshund are dark pink, lime and blue. I had a scrap of Little Red Riding hood fabric designed by Tasha Noel for Riley Blake. I managed to get 3 perfect sized pieces to tell the story on the left hand side of the quilt.e. The middle patch is made of lovely funny bunnies.

Bunny side of the pillow

Scottie dog side of the pillow

The turquoise panda fabric is one I have used many times and love. I also included the lime fabric with the Scottie dogs so it would match the pyjama bottoms. The
other pieces tied in with the colours and had a small enough print as by this point I had designed the simple layout. I used a soft brushed cotton for the back. To quilt it I used the basic "stitch in the ditch" method. The quilt was bound from the back and hand stitched on the front. I made a matching pillow using the bunny fabric and pom pom trims to tie the project elements together. This was just two basic rectangles, one bunny rabbit fabric and the other Scottie dog fabric stuffed with toy filling.

Lottie Quilt

For the sleeping bag I used Lottie as a guide to the overall length of the bag including the area the head goes on. I then measured length without the head area. I added these two measurements together and cut two long pieces of fabric. The outer fabric is a lovely needle cord decorated in tiny flowers; it was used last Christmas to make my daughter a blue, purple and pink Melly and Me dolphin as they were her favourite colours at the time. I opened out the zip fully and sandwiched it between the two pieces of fabric starting at the none curved edge of the fabric. I then stitched the two pieces of fabric right side together all the way round leaving a small turning gap. I turned the whole thing through the turning gap and closed the gap. I zipped it up and then using a small ladder stitch I closed up the side opposite to the zip. I also made a matching pillow as I didn’t want the doll with the sleeping bag to feel left out next to the one with the quilt…. Again this was an indicator I needed to move away from Lottie!

Fabric bought for Melly and Me dolphin

Flower sleeping bag

When it all came together I could imagine play sleepovers and camping. Since making this Lottie dolls have released a tent and camping set - I think this should be added to Little Miss E's wish list!
Ready for bed with pipsqueaks Ted
Lottie ready to camp
Lottie under her quilt

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