Monday 2 March 2015

Big Brother backpack

My friend announced that she was expecting a second baby and as usual I got very excited about sewing for a new baby. I then decided that I also needed to sew a big brother present for her 3 year old. I was 4 and a half when my little sister was born so I always think it is important to point out what an important job being an older sibling is and a small gift seemed a great way of doing this.

I followed a fantastic tutorial which I had used once before. When I made it last time I scaled it up for an older child which worked really well. This time I made it the size it was in the tutorial. I love the shape, practicality and finish of the bag. The main pocket and the two side pockets both have elasticated tops which make them easy to get into without any tricky clasps for little hands. The tutorial itself is fantastic - it has lots of really helpful photos at each stage and is very clear about all of the equipment you need from the start.

 It is lifted from an ordinary backpack to something a bit more special with the use of the piping round the edges. I felt this gave it a more professional finish. The one thing that I did change was the straps, as both times I made it was for a child that I did not have in front of me to measure, so I added in adjustable straps. The bag itself was very easy to put together and the only part that was a little tricky was making sure that it all went together smoothly at the top where the elastic casing went in. This was mainly because I was sewing through a lot of layers.

I used Makower pirate fish fabric that I had bought from my local fabric shop. I used both the cream and navy version as I felt it made it more fun and chose a bright orange that I had in my stash. I chose to trim the flap of the bag in red piping and sides in yellow to compliment the different fabrics. The last I heard it was full of toys and packed lunches so I think it was a hit.

Fishy Toddler backpack.

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