Saturday 3 May 2014

Mirror Mirror on the Card.

I love making cards but I sometimes struggle with how to make them different and original. I like the idea of making something that has a use after the card comes down. I decided to make small handbag mirror pouches with pretty designs that could go on a card and look good but could then also be taken off. The first card was for my niece. I embroidered a small teal turtle onto some calico fabric. The pattern came from Little stitches by Aneela Hoey which is a lovely book. It comes with big sheets of patterns to transfer by ironing and I love the ease and simplicity of iron on transfers. I lined it with a piece of teal striped fabric then  made the outer and inner components and put them right-sides together, one inside the other. I left a small turning gap and top stitched it after it had been pulled through. This is how I normally put bags together, however the only issue was that because I was working on a small scale it was really difficult to top stitch and it was hard to get a crisp finish. I added a press stud so that the mirror doesn't fall out in the handbag.

Turtle Mirror Holder

The second Mirror card was made for my Auntie to go with her pamper pack. This time I chose to embroider a pink rose from the sublime stitches book and I co-ordinated the fabric with the pamper pack. This time I left the turning gap inside at the bottom which I feel gave a better finish. It means you have to leave a generous amount of fabric but in terms of pattern I measured the mirror and added seam allowance and popper allowance to it. The fabric used on the inside of the pouch was chosen to match the pamper pack.

Rose Mirror card

I attached the mirror to the card by sticking on a mini wooden peg. I felt this was a nice touch and kept things simple.

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