Monday, 3 March 2014

Bashera is My Daddy - Apparently!

After being unwell and having a cough that slowed my exercise to a halt I have finally completed the next set of Level One workouts on 'Jilian Michaels Yoga Meltdown' DVD. I am not as impressed by this DVD as I am the '30 Day Shred'. I love the theory but there is too much contrast between yoga and high intensity work-outs to combine them comfortably. There is the usual injection of sayings with "Who's your Daddy? Bashera is your Daddy" being up there. Bashera is there to demonstrate the more difficult moves and it is nice to see her getting credit for this albeit in a rather cheesy catchphrase. I will be doing Level Two as I am curious and it seems fair to fully review the complete plan. I did not find it as compelling to do as the '30 Day Shred'.

It is effective, I am more flexible than I was and I managed to do the "camel" pose even if I do struggle with holding chaturanga for the full time. When I was feeling too ill to do the DVD I went back to the Wii Fit Yoga. On the Wii I have a profile from a few years ago and a profile that I set up after having my daughter. I was impressed that I managed to beat my personal best on both profiles in the yoga session. This was despite some of the moves being very different and me feeling out of practice on the Wii. I think the most noticeable difference was on the 'sun salutation' pose. This makes sense as it is very dynamic and even though it is different to the yoga meltdown it follows the principles. I would like to do a more traditional yoga DVD and see how it compares, for now I am eager to get back on the 30 day shred.

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