Sunday, 2 March 2014

Baileys cupcakes

It was a friend's birthday last week and I know that, like me, she is a fan of Baileys cheesecake. I thought that I would try something different so I found a recipe for Baileys cupcakes on a very yummy looking blog. It is a really good recipe and easy to use. The cake was chocolatey and rich and the Baileys kept it moist. The mix itself was amazing but sadly taking somebody a bowl of uncooked cake is just not the done thing. The cakes did not taste overly of Baileys when cooked though there was still a hint there. I found that the recipe made more than it suggests as it says six and I doubled the recipe wanting twelve and got 21. I think that muffin cases were used in the recipe despite saying they were cupcakes, although if using muffin cases I would worry about getting them to cook through evenly.

The icing worked well though I was dubious at first as the alcohol started to split the butter in the butter icing. It tasted good and did deliver a "Baileys kick" and I would not recommend this one for children. If I did them again I would be tempted to make a white chocolate and baileys ganache. I think this could help tie the flavours together. I topped mine off with a chocolate flake. Overall I was pleased with the flavour and everybody seemed to enjoy them.

Baileys Chocolate Cupcakes

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